Reasons for Increasing Consumer Behavior in Qatar Society

Suad Saeedan Al.Hamad

Sociology–Ph.D., University of Jordan, College of Literature, Doha-Qatar, P.O Box90653

This study aims to shed light on the reasons for increasing consumption in the Qatari society by studying some Qatari households, by focusing on the head of the household or the main breadwinner of the household. It mean choosing one person from the family, and try to diversify the selected sample of the Qataris, such as gender, age, educational and social level and an attempt by the researcher to better represent the Qatari community. The questionnaire was applied to 150 citizens by using the SPSS program. The study found that the higher the income, the more consumption, there is a lack of awareness of society about how to control consumer behavior and how affect the future. In addition to increasing income and the trend towards global well-being, in most families, two phones per person became normal, with many luxuries, like cars and having more thanhousemaid and others. The important opening words are defined in study (the concept of consumption, concept of consumer behavior, and the concept of consumption patterns).

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Al.Hamad, S.S. (2019). Reasons for Increasing Consumer Behavior in Qatar Society. International Journal of Liberal Arts and Social Science, 7(10), 19-26.