Brief Talk on the Nationalization Process in Lang Jingshan’s Photographs

Dai Pan

Nanchang Normal University, P.R. China

The most respectable point of Mr. Lang Jingshan’s photography is his innovative spirit in nationalized creation. Based on tradition, he dares to be the first to actively explore and form his own unique artistic style. His method of creating photography techniques, namely, collection photography, like the methodology of photography, creates a modern visual transformation of the traditional aesthetics of the Chinese nation and shows extraordinary talents in the international photography arena. Today, we should continue to develop in the light of the progress of the times and give photography a new national connotation in the environment. Mr. Lang Jingshan’s contribution to Chinese photography art and his photographic works are like a peak and monument, which will stand forever in the history of Chinese photography.

Keywords: Lang Jingshan, Photography, Nationalization Process

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Pan, D. (2019). Brief Talk on the Nationalization Process in Lang Jingshan’s Photographs. International Journal of Liberal Arts and Social Science, 7(8), 1-8.