Vol. 4 No. 7  October 2016


Probe into Innovation in the Management of Empty Nest Elderly in Colleges and    Universities

Zhan Shi

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The Right of Speech of Xi jinping’s In Governing Thought

Zhang Xiaoming and Shanxi Yuncheng

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Investigating Two Crucifixion of Christ Paintings in Advanced Renaissance by        Raphael and Grünewald

Alireza Akrami Hassankiadeh

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On the SWOT Analysis and Countermeasures of the Development of Family          Farms in Underdeveloped Hilly Areas in Western China

Fan Huaichao and Cui Jiufu

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Sameness in Translation: Text-Deceiving or Self-Deceiving?

The case of ‘nearly’ and ‘almost’ in John Steinberg’s The Pearl.

Mr. Zorobi Philippe TOH

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Violence, Resistance, and Pleasure in Fadi Zaghmout’s The Bride of Amman

Dr. Viktoria Pötzl

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The Importance of Application on Culture Teaching in the Chinese College English Writing Class and Some Suggestions

Dan He

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A Quantitative Study on Discourse Coherence in Linguistic Research Articles from the Perspective of Thematic Progression Pattern

Jiafen FAN 1 and YI ZHANG 2

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