Vol. 4 No. 4  May, 2016  

Ideology of Patriarchy and the Concept of Money for Iranian Women in the Family

Vahid Kashafi Nia and Fatemeh Elmi Soola

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On the Improvement of Human Capital in the Process of Citizenization Of Migrant Workers “Second-generation Immigrants”

Yang Wei

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To Study Icons and Concepts of the Holy Shrines of Guilan Province

Ahmad Montazeri Roudbaraki  and Rasoul Parvari Moghadam

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Dr. Samia Maqbool Niazi

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Speech Mechanism and Ease of Articulation: A Case Study of Consonant

Cluster Reduction in English

Latif H, Ali  , Ph.D.

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The Missing Concepts in Simultaneous Interpreting : A Case Study in Performance and Interpreting

Latif H. Ali , Ph.D

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Curriculum Construction and Implementation

Brendan Mitchell

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The Role of Postponement Strategies to Reduce Supply Chain Risk

Yang Xiaoxun1  and Li Jiajun2

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Preschool Teachers’ Pre-post Training Based on Guideline to the Learning and Development of Children Aged 3-6                       

Shi Lijun

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The Impact of the Social Change on Criticism in Iranian Cinema (1979-2012)

Mohammad Shahba and Yasaman Eshghi

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Analysis of Circular form in the Modern Era

Amir Shabanipour

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