Vol. 5 No. 9 December 2017


Revisiting the Budgetary Deficit Factor in the 1914 Amalgamation of Northern
and Southern Protectorates: A Case Study of Zaria Province, 1903-1914

Dr Attahiru Ahmad SIFAWA1, Dr SIRAJO Muhammad Sokoto2 and
Murtala MARAFA3

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Analysis of the causes and connotations of photography style on Twilight series
works of Gregory Crewdson—the other side of dream

Kan Qing

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The Opinions of Prospective Teachers on Practicum Course

Seher İşcan

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The Role of Socio Economic Status on the EFL Learners’ Attributions
on Success and Failure

Devrim Hol1 and Aysun Yavuz2

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Domination Factory of the Governments: Universities

Özgür Bayraktar

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Misbehavior in the Workplace from Managers’ Perspective
An Empirical Research

Deniz Hoşbay Bayraktar

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